Real relief at last

June 7, 2024

I purchased y power for my dad because he has struggled with high blood pressure and as of recent he started struggling with balance ,knee and back pain more then 3 weeks in he has normal blood pressure,he always struggled with waking up at night and not being able to go back to sleep but now he can sleep during the day and at night .I don’t have much worry going bike riding with him anymore because he has gained a lot of balance and can now bend over and get down on a knee to do yardwork with minimal pain and instead of sending me to the store because he tired he jumps up and is ready to go on his own now.As of now he started taking 1 scoop 2x a day so we are now waiting for more results to come .Y power is changing his life he is 66 years old now

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Isaac Guerrero

Amazing Results From Y-Power

June 7, 2024


Since November 2022, I have been experiencing an extremely high level of stress that has affected my health. Why is this happening? In early November 2022, an investor was sitting on the stoop of my four-family brownstone when I returned from work. He announced that he was the new owner of my property. He presented a fake deed with his name displayed on an official New York City document. He told me that I had 30 days to vacate my house and that I should move out by December 2022. I found out from a letter from the New York City Finance Department a few weeks later that I was a victim of deep deed theft. As of 2024, I am still in my house but fighting to gain the repossession of my property deed.

The fight has been an uphill battle. The judges are constantly ruling in the investor’s favor and against my court motions. Secondly, the investor’s employees continue to change the front door locks. The investor’s employees have used both mental and psychological terrorism to force me from my house. I have experienced many sleepless nights.

When I had my annual physical in November 202wasy blood pressure, sugar levels and cholesterol, and, in addition, my weight were normal. Unfortunately, everything had spiraled downward when I had my annual routine physical in November 2023.

My blood pressure was through the roof, my cholesterol was high, and I had high blood sugar. I had even gained 14 pounds since November 23, 2023. My doctor prescribed a low dose of both high blood pressure and high sugar medication. In addition, I experienced low energy levels, lack of motivation and terrible sleeping patterns that left me feeling tired all day. The worse issue I had was bloating in my abdomen. Each day it felt as though someone had tied a rope around my middle and pulled it as tight as they could so I would not be able to breathe.

After hearing about the powerful results of Y-Power from people who had used it in their daily lives, I decided to experience Y-Power for myself. Since February 2024, I have experienced amazing results. For the first time in months, I have experienced a deep and restful sleep and I feel so refreshed. The bloating in my abdomen has subsided and my chronic constipation issue has improved.

In mid-early March 2024, I had a follow-up blood test. The results were incredible. My doctor eliminated the blood sugar medication and reduced the high blood pressure medication. Since taking Y-Power, I have lost 14 pounds. My energy level has skyrocketed. I can race up the New York subway stairs without any problem. My mental attitude has been elevated. I have gone from a defeated feeling to an attitude that I will win the return of my deed.

I am now on my second container of Y-Power, a truly miracle supplement. The only negative comment I can make is that I start to panic that I will run out of Y-Power before I can replenish it. Believe me when I say that Y-Power will improve your physical and mental well-being.



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Vira Lynn Jones

absolutely the best supplement ever!

February 26, 2024

I had taken the Y years back and lived life knowing how well the product was working for me. It basically gave my body the charge it needed to work properly. I could compare what it does for my daily life to when someone has studied well for a big test and passes with flying colors. When the pandemic reared it’s ugly head and I couldn’t get access to Y-Power I continued to pay close attention to how many supplements I was taking to help me keep up with the pace of NYC living. Now, having the Y back I’ve noticed that once again I don’t need to take as much other stuff in a day to keep myself alert, aware and energized enough to be of good use to this world, and possibly of other interdimensional locations but that’s talking a whole different ballpark! Please, if you’ve read through some of these testimonials we’re serious, this stuff is really reigniting our power. 🔋 I love it when my devices are fully charged. I love ❤️ it even more when I am as well!

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Wayne B.

The Way That I Think About Supplements Has Changed

February 5, 2024

1. On the first day that I took Y-Power, the following occurred; within minutes, I felt a sensation slowly coursing through my torso, to my back, up to my neck and then a sort of washing over my head from the back to the front. It’s as if there was a cool natural current that was pushing through and expanding my arteries and veins resulting in increased of blood flow. I felt a bit “heady” from apparent additional blood flow and oxygen available to my brain. The following morning, I woke up. My right shoulder pain and/or discomfort from what some may call bursitis was gone after 40 years! In my childhood, I dislocated my shoulder. I experienced inflammation, pain or stiffness. Over the years, it became difficult to move my shoulder certain ways. For example, certain shoulder exercises in the gym quickly became painful and limited. I could not sleep in certain positions without feeling some inflammatory pain or discomfort. This limited how I laid in bed. When I woke up after the first scoop of Y-Power, there was no discomfort or limitation in range of motion in my shoulder. The fact that one scoop of Y-Power could help prevent these chronic issues overnight was highly-impressive.

2. What I experienced in the first week was just as impressive. One of the most important benefits for me has been a more relaxed consciousness. My focus is more acute yet not intense or stressful. I’m more productive. As a fund manager and trader, focus throughout the day is mission-critical. Major financial opportunities can be missed by simply being less focused or not having enough natural energy. Daily life issues that may have triggered a more annoyed-type of response from me are automatically less significant or non-factors. It’s as if my nervous system is naturally governed against a detrimental mindset. I don’t get too angry or too sad. But, I’m certainly enjoying life and laughing more.

3. I felt a more natural sleepiness. I am generally inclined to sleep earlier for the first time since I was a child.

4. My vision became more vivid, more colorful. Also, I became more aware of my peripheral vision as well as my depth of perception. They seemed to be sharper and more available.

5. Within days, I felt my triceps muscles in both arms feel a bit sore. Yet, I had not worked them out.

6. Overnight while in bed, I was awakened by powerful tingling sensations that radiated from the tops of both shoulders and down to the outsides of both of my arms and to the backs of both hands. It was as if there was a supercharge of tingling energy that was being powerfully transferred. It also felt as if this energy was removing things that shouldn’t be there – a sort of cleaning house. It was as if some kind of superhero power was added to my body. It was nothing short of amazing. I got out of bed in the morning and knew that I would never forget that experience.

7. My bodily fluids have increased overall.

8. All of my joints became more lubricated. I noticed this the more I moved around or walked. Movement in general is more empowered and just…easier.

9. After a few weeks of Y-Power, I seemed to have a correction in my sense of smell. I began smelling more sharply. My sense of smell returned in a way that I was not aware I was missing. After COVID, there were times during which I seemed to have lost a sense of smell. I seemed to be smelling things that others were not smelling or may not apparently really be there. After a while, my smell became more normalized. After Y-Power, I’m aware of my smelling things that I hadn’t paid attention to since childhood.

10. One day, I was on the phone with a great friend while having our usually deep and focused conversation about various subjects. We are always working on solutions. As we talked, I decided to walk and pick up items from two stores that were not close to each other. While at the first store, I was flexing my debit card back and forth between my right thumb and middle finger. I accidentally snapped it, lengthwise, in two. That’s never happened to me. Who snaps their debit card in the checkout line? Luckily, it still worked. It was clear that I had more energy. But, I also no longer knew my own strength.

11. When I walked out of the first store, my walking pace remained brisk and consistent with when I first began the walk. This level of energy was naturally available throughout the entire walk including after leaving the second store. When I was almost back home, I had walked three miles. I was still on the phone. I expressed to my friend that I genuinely felt as if I had only walked three blocks or less. I also told him that I felt that I could immediately walk the entire route again with the same energy.

12. My facial skin became more supple for the first time since I was young. I was amazed at the amount of moisture in my skin. My skin is tighter. Also, the slight double-chin that I had developed is going away.

13. By the end of the first month, my body odor, including from my armpits, was reduced and more consistent with that of a young person’s.

14. My stomach became flatter and stomach muscles more apparent.

15. I also noticed increased blood flow to my penis. It’s stronger and longer.

16. The volume in each bowel movement has increased. They are also healthier and consistent in nature. When sharing my Y-Power experience with my friend on the phone, I jokingly made a Hip-Hop reference and told him, “I’m droppin’ mad shit Sun!”

17. One morning, starting the second month of using Y-Power, I brushed my hand on the side of my waist and noticed that my love handles were almost gone! That was a bit mind-blowing. It’s as if one day, I woke up, and a part of me wasn’t there. My body composition has always been athletic. But, that part of my body has never developed into more of a “V-shape”. My body has morphed into more of a classic athletic shape.

18. My 87 year-old mother slid on a rug and fell. She hurt her left knee and her hip. She previously walked and drove her car without assistance. The swelling and pain caused her to walk with a two-handed walker. She could not drive. She needed assistance to get in and out of bed for about five days. She was fortunate enough to have Y-Power available to her, for the first time, on the day of her fall. Within 8 days, she began walking without the walker. She was back to being fully-independent and driving. We are both very clear that she would not have recovered (reignited youthfulness), in this manner, had it not been for Y-Power. Her swelling was minimized due to Y-Power. Her energy has improved throughout her body. Her mood has improved. Recently, I told her that her face is a bit more vibrant. I noticed that her hair is growing more evenly. She’s lost weight. She recently informed me that she would not let her Y-Power run out and that she was going to order more.

19. I began taking Y-Power on an empty stomach in the morning. I also don’t eat for an hour after I’ve taken it. I suggest taking a level scoop and using a measured shaker cup with a long plastic or non-metal straw in order to maximize the benefits. Never use a metal spoon or metal straw. Use the minimum required 6 ounces of room temperature water or if desired, 7 or 8 ounces of water to taste. I’m going to also try a scoop twice per day – at least one hour after a meal in the afternoon to see if I notice any additional benefits.

20. The Y-Power formulation is a scientific paradigm-shift in its interplay between ingredients. It’s catching on with people I know like wildfire. I can never think about supplements in the same way again.

Rama Carty

Fund Manager/Trader

Los Angeles/Boston

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Rama Carty

Great product with great results

February 3, 2024

I am a 66 year old male with over thirty years in the holistic health field as a nutritional consultant , sales rep , buyer , managing supplement departments , running a shipping warehouse for a major brand , and someone who has spent their life using diet , nutrition , and lifestyle as a constant . This is all to say that I have tried more than the average person my share of supplements. Y power has been an unexpected experience after only about a month of using . I have had a lifetime of blood sugar issues, blocked nasal passages , overall energy and adrenal issues, some digestive and elimination issues. Y power has remedied all of these issues when taking multiple amounts of supplements for each issue has not . I am not a chocolate fan like most but the taste is clean and light . I have a dairy intolerance and yet the whey does not affect me in any adverse way . I feel like a switch has been turned on when I take it first thing in the morning. As someone who has spent a career in this industry and reads ingredients for a daily living , the synergy of these nutrients combined with the expertise of the formulator makes Y power a stand alone product. I can envision myself or someone else cutting down on the expenditure of other supplements and spending their money on this one supplement to remedy their needs. Obviously, I think very highly of Y power and would recommend it to anyone .

Dane Miller

New York City

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Dane Miller