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*Time, accompanied by several other influential factors, exerts a profound effect on our bodies, a phenomenon we commonly refer to as aging. This seemingly inevitable decline in vitality gradually propels us towards an inescapable physical and mental decline. As the years advance, we encounter a series of disheartening existential setbacks. It's as if we find ourselves confined by a body that no longer functions to its fullest potential, and our memories of youth serve only to emphasize what we've relinquished.

*Can we intervene in this intricate process?

*Is there a means to preserve or recapture the essence of lost youth?

*Might we influence the equation A=M/T, where aging equates to accumulated mistakes over time?

*Can we exert an impact on the pivotal factors governing our cellular degeneration?

*What constitutes the vitality of youth, and can we either retain or reconstruct it?

*Enter Y-Power™—a remedy tailored to counteract the primary catalysts that underlie abnormal aging. Systemic cellular science reveals an array of functional components integral to maintaining youthful cellular activity. If we aspire to embody our most youthful selves, we must delicately harmonize and nurture these intricate cellular mechanisms.

*Y-Power™ targets these essential components. To name a few: cellular zeta potential/voltage, mitochondrial function, autophagy, cellular respiration, the delicate balance between oxidation and reduction, youthful cell signaling, and the epigenetic environment. A comprehensive approach towards all these components is imperative to genuinely influence the multi-faceted panorama we refer to as "normal aging." Y-Power zeroes in on these exceptionally crucial aspects of cellular and systemic aging.

Great product with great results

I am a 66 year old male with over thirty years in the holistic health field as a nutritional consultant , sales rep , buyer , managing supplement departments , running a shipping warehouse for a major brand , and someone who has spent their life using diet , nutrition , and lifestyle as a constant . This is all to say that I have tried more than

the average person my share of supplements.  Y power has been an unexpected experience after only about a month of using . I have had a lifetime of blood sugar issues, blocked nasal passages , overall energy and adrenal issues, some digestive and elimination issues. Y power has remedied all of these issues when taking multiple amounts of supplements for each issue has not . I am not a chocolate fan like most but the taste is clean and light .  I have a dairy intolerance and yet the whey does  not affect me in any adverse way . I feel like a switch has been turned on when I take it first thing in the morning.  As someone who has spent a career in this industry and reads ingredients for a daily living , the synergy of these nutrients combined with the expertise of the formulator makes Y power a stand alone product.  I can envision myself or someone else cutting down on the expenditure of other supplements and spending their money on this one supplement to remedy their needs. Obviously, I think very highly of Y power and would recommend it to anyone .

Dane Miller
New York City
After using Y Power I was amazed to see how my heart rate during exercise stayed at a much lower number. My body was working as hard as before, but my heart didn’t have to work as hard.” Rick Barry​
Rick Barry
Basketball Hall of Fame NBA Top 50 Player
Following up on my previous review. I have been using Y Power for over a year and in addition to having a lower heart rate when working out and improving my overall well-being, I have lost weight without even trying.
Rick Barry
NBA Hall of Fame

I have been using Y POWER for 14 months and it has been nothing short of invaluable! In my profession of independent film production and TV development, you can tend to work long intensive hours and resultingly work yourself into the ground. I typically would get sick with symptoms of the flu every few months, but since taking the Y, I rarely ever get sick anymore. Every morning I take one half scoop 

which is enough to get me energized and motivated up against a deluge of work; then keep me focused, clear and precise throughout the day. Late afternoon/early evening, I take another half scoop which rejuvenates me — like plugging my tired body & mind into an electrical outlet — then go to the gym where I’ve experienced greater contractile strength and endurance. At 49, truth be told, my body (and mind), have never been in better shape! And although few men may feel comfortable admitting this here, Y Power’s benefits in the bedroom have taken me back to my twenties of erectile strength and tremendous stamina like I’ve never experienced before… the cherry on-top is the actual, gradual expansion of girth (you heard it right). Since my mid twenties, I started trying some of the ‘best’ supplements available and nothing comes close to the overall clearly noticeable benefits of Y POWER!!

Mark D
Film/TV Producer NY-LA

I’m a middle aged healthy man who’s very active but as of late felt a bit fatigued‎ from the day to day grind.I’m quite athletic and noticed I was getting tired quicker than normal while playing Tennis and Basketball. However after taking YPower daily for about a month I feel stronger, more energized alert vibrant and healthier than before. 

The delicious Chocolate Powder when mixed w 8 ounces of water tastes great and leaves no powdery stale after taste like most other Powders do…..I have to admit I was a bit skeptical at first but after just a month of taking YPOWER the results are remarkable I’m literally outlasting my opponents on the courts .Just add water, stir and drink…No blender needed..It’s simple delicious and it works…I highly recommend this wonderful product and suggest you start taking it to feel the POWER…..the YPOWER….! 

Sammy Sutton

Y-Power has revolutionized not only the way I think about supplements but also human health in general. As a product at first I was very skeptical to take. I had alot of problems, I was out of shape when I took this, my mental capacity for work was at an all time low & I would constantly feel fatigued even though I was regularly hitting the gym and trying to eat healthier. My feeling of my body and how 

to handle it changed at a cellular level once I took Y-Power. If you are familiar with NZT – 48 from the very popular film Limitless you will understand that to a degree this is how you will feel after. I have floaters in my eye, little dust particles stuck in my retina, it would effect my driving, thinking, working, exercise and pretty much every other aspect of my life. Though after I took Y-Power it was still there but somehow didn’t effect me in the way of being irritated because I feel like in the afternoon, a few hours after having my daily shake that parts of my mind & body are more aligned with the cells in my brain more receptive to parts of my body, I’ll know I’m sitting too long or working too long, I know how my body will react later to what I am doing now and I am using my time, body and energy more effectively. I feel younger, stronger, healthier, smarter. I somehow feel like in lamens terms the only way to describe this to an end user is like having super powers for the day to day things we do in daily life. I only have one regret and its not finding Y-Power earlier.

Daniel Abid
Queens New York
life has significantly changed for the better since I began taking YPower. My energy level is thru the roof. The skin irritations have also cleared tremendously. Thanks to the makers of this fantastic powder. I dont ever want to be without it!! Im going in my 6th month now
I used Y-Power consistently throughout my CrossFit training regiment. Not only did I find the product to be a clean source of energy, but I formally replaced it with many other supplements I was taking. One of the greatest improvements I found while taking Y-Powers was in my lifting ability. I would ordinarily be able to Power Clean 195 lbs, which I was very proud to accomplish. However, while taking Y-Power, I advanced in my lifting practice with the new ability to Power Clean 220 lbs!!
Kyle Spence,

I started using y power on March 26 2017 , I am a 41 year young female, in three weeks my hair had grown I had bald spots on both sides of my head/ears and this is because of Y/Power my eye brows has grown back. I hadn’t had eyebrows in 10/12 years, my taste has improved, I was eating Chinese food, Popeyes, and junk food. At least 5/10 candy bars a day with Y/Power I stopped the candy and throw up when I eat Chinese food. I had to go back to 

eating everything organic, filter water, salt, practically everything a the organic market. My calfs were soft and swinging, now my calfs were hard as if I had work out, and I have not worked out in 7 years. With, Y/Power I enjoyed drinking 40 to 60 ounces per day, starting to wet more especially; when I eat. I had severe pain in my abdomen it felt like pain from endometriosis, that pain is now gone. I had moles on my feet and it just popped off, literally. On my left elbow there was a growth at least 3 and 1/2 inches in length, it went away to a normal size. I could not sit up for more than 15 minutes, my heart beats very fast when I climb steps, felt like I was gonna have a heart attack. Now, I can do cardio for 2 hours with no pain straight and the only reason I stopped at 2 hours is because I get bored. My toenails were black, now there white, my urine was black now it has turned the lightest yellow. I have moisture now in my vagina, soaking wet down to my knees. I sweat when I eat like when I was a child after every meal I do number 2 and it’s the shape of my colon. My number 2 doesn’t smell also, my sweats don’t smell. After 4 months on , I had a break 2nd week of August to September 7 2017, my menstruation started after 4 years of not having a menstrual. I also had wrinkles in my inner thighs, the wrinkles are all gone, people are also arguing that I had botox, I did not it’s the y power.

Lesmine Williams
Actually one of the best things I’ve ever been introduced to by a very good friend. I was adviced a couple years back to not take any supplements after using a few but this actually was a risk worth taking. Energy, strength and sleeping patterns daily have increased with 3/4 workouts a week and a scoop. Perfect supplement for anyone entering or already in their 40’s

I’ve literally been referring this product to anyone I’m associated with including family and clients all year. In late January 2018 my 96 year old grandmother was bed written in the hospital for a period of roughly 3 weeks. Her heart valves were so weak that 60% of her heart was not functioning and her church pastor was called to deliver her final blessings.

Upon hearing that she refused to eat and was barely consuming anything, I took her some Y power and fed her thru a straw every evening. Miraculously she was able to rise out of the bed and decided to try and walk- after 2 weeks of being bedridden! Without knowing that I was feeding her, some close relatives ascribed that event to her strong will or to something supernatural, but the real answer was it was the Y power. I am pretty sure that if my schedule would have allowed me to maintain daily care of my grandmother she would have remained alive, which is why I told my mom the true story and encouraged her to try the product. Proudly I can say she is now a daily Y Power consumer. A large portion of my close associates all and anyone I know who actually takes their health seriously are also daily Y Power consumers. I highly recommend this product.


My 3 year old was evaluated as having an 8 month speech delay, he would say one and two words at a time, and did not speak in sentences. I found it upsetting that he didn’t even tell me when he was hungry or thirsty. I started giving him 2 teaspoons of Y Power mixed in water every morning. On the third morning he walked into the kitchen and said ” Can I have

toast with butter please, Mommy?” I was astonished and thrilled to say the least. I did nothing different except the Y Power. I have upped his dose to half a scoop. He loves the taste and asks for it every morning. I will never be without it! Thank you Y Power for changing our lives for the better!! Sincerely, Mary M. Brooklyn, NY

Mary M

24/7 duty, sleeping in a chair beside our loved one. This went on for 8/9 months where we were getting, if lucky, about 1 hour of sleep a night, sitting upright in a hard wooden chair in a hospital room. The only reason I was able to get through this horrific time was because my

sister suggested I take one scoop every morning. I noticed a difference in energy right away. Being around sick people for over 20 hours a day for a solid 8/9 months and under severe distress about someone you love being ill, in the middle of an horrific winter, you would think one would come down with something as much as a sniffle, but I had more energy and clarity than I ever did. I wouldn’t have been able to endure what I did without Y Power during that time. Truly amazing stuff

Maria M

I’ve been using Y Power for more than 6 months now. It is part of a supplement schedule given to me by my health practitioner. Back in the Fall, my family vacationed with a dermatologist and his family. His wife has had every body part lifted, tucked, removed, stretched back, nipped in, etc… The Dr said to me “You know you are in your upper 50’s and

really shouldn’t wait any longer before starting to do some work on yourself. You should’ve started years ago.” I’m not much for plastic (surgery or people) so I didn’t pay much attention to him. A few months later my mom and I were looking in the mirror and I noticed my neck skin looked awful! It was sagging with lots of tucked lines. I am a thin person and don’t normally see skin like this. I also suddenly had “grandma” arms. Those are arms with sagging skin under the bicep muscle. Y Power to the rescue!! When I began taking Y Power the first thing I noticed and liked was its flavor. It was delicious!!! I was instructed to take 2 scoops a day (one in morning, the other in the early afternoon). What I saw soon after was a loss of those 4 extra pounds I hadn’t been able to shed along with a clear tightening of my skin across all body parts including neck, under arms, buttocks etc.. Nothing else had been added to my regimen so it had to be from the Y Power. A few months later it was recommend I drop down to 1 scoop. Panic set in because I didn’t want my skin to return to what it had looked like previously. That cycle only lasted 4 weeks so the skin stayed as it was. Four weeks later I was happily back to 2 scoops a day. At first I took both scoops with the same amount of water as 1 scoop. I quickly saw my belly bloated so I returned to the morning and afternoon routine which has been working wonderfully! I’ve spent 5 months in a hospital setting with a family loved one and we all know what a germ infested environment that is. The Y Power kept me healthy throughout our long ordeal. The stress of the illness and the ultimate demise of a loved one are trying times for the body on all levels. No amount of supplements can ease the pain but I can say wholeheartedly nothing I’ve ever taken has provided the energy, looks and all around well being of Y Power. I have no hesitation recommending its usage!!

Cynthia S
Brooklyn, NY
I've been taking Y Power for just 3 weeks. I've always suffered from some chronic pain and I feel like it's dissipated since I've been taking it. If I"m at my computer for longer than an hour, I've had hip pain, which is no longer there. I take a scoopful in the morning with either water or coconut water, and have had really good energy since I began. I'm sure that I will see more results but I'm still really new to the product, but the pain issue (or lack thereof) is a BIG DEAL to me!
When I was introduced to YPower the first thing that impressed me was the delicious smell of the cocoa. I drank it and this incredible clarity came over me as well as a feeling of positive energy. I’ve been drinking it ever since. I am an older woman with no serious health issues but I felt I needed something. I feel YPower has given me a sharper brain, greater positive energy and vibrancy. Sabrina Davis, Boynton Beach, Fl.

I’m a single parent and former dance instructor and have always been very active. My current job as a chef and caterer is also very physically demanding. In addition, I’m on my feet and standing for long stretches of hours at a time. When I first started using Y Power in September of 2016, I was excited and curious to see what issues it would heal and help to 

resolve. What I first noticed, was the immediate affect it had on the over all quality and tone of my skin – from head to toe. My facial skin was more vibrant and radiant as well as brighter and clearer looking. It was definitely firmer and more toned and Y Power diminished the inflammation in my face. It removed the dark circles and significantly reduced the puffy bags from under my eyes. The quality of my body and over-all skin had also improved greatly. It was softer and more moist (I suffer from dry skin and eczema) AND smoother looking and feeling. It also improved the quality of my vision. Words became less and less blurry and I didn’t always need to use reading glasses. I’m an avid bicycler and I experienced less and less discomfort in both my knees when cycling. I’m not a runner at all! Funny enough, I had to run to catch a bus one day and I realized that I had done so with such ease and grace and without any stress, huffing or puffing. It astounded me! I liken the experience to feeling more like a gazelle. Y Power also helped to resolve inflammation in my body – my stomach area in particular and helped to address some digestive issues and bloating too. I experienced less physical distress in digesting my food and a lot less bubbling and gurgling sounds when eating. In addition, it significantly shrunk a large “fleshy” bump on the inside of my arm and under my skin, that I had had for years. It also reduced and resolved some feminine and uterine discomforts and issues I had been experiencing. Y Power is absolutely amazing! It is well thought out and conceived and just simply…..mindful of peoples’ bodies and their healing! I look forward to the continued use of your product and the other dynamic and fabulous results it will produce and enhance on my healing and happiness journey here on this planet! This stuff is “da bomb!” ? Please, please, please continue researching and making healthy products that help heal and transform peoples lives (and the planet) for the better!

Susan B., Brooklyn, NY
As a long time insomniac, I created a life around the idea that 4 hours of sleep was acceptable. My normal pattern was 3-4hrs of sleep per day and then once every 2weeks there would times I stay awake for 2 consecutive days. Since taking the Y power i have averaged 6-7 hours of sleep daily. My mental acuity has significantly increased in addition to a dramatic reduction of overall tension in my body. I recommend the Y Power to everyone i know!
Dwayne Johnson
-CTS Performance, Human Performance Coach

I usually don’t do testimonials unless i really believe in a product. After a month of taking this powerful supplement I’ve definitely noticed a change both in my energy, and mental acuity. Living in New York has put a lot of strain on my body, and have relied a lot on coffee for energy. Since taking Y-Power I have had much less craving for coffee, and feel more 

sustained energy throughout the day. I have been consuming it in a moderate way with about one shake a day, and have also found that I feel less hungry overall, and sometimes use it to supplement my breakfast. I’ve noticed my body getting more toned and my mind feeling a lot sharper and much more focused. I never thought a supplement could create such a shift but now I am using it as a staple in my diet and as a way to help balance what can be a very stressful life in New York. And to top it off it tastes like one my favorite childhood drinks Ovaltine!

Richard Ruiz
I've been taking Y-Power for only a couple months and I've been able to cut my supplement intake by more than 1/2. I've also suffered from ankle and wrist pain for years, needing regular chiropractic visits and more--this has been completely eliminated! My digestion has also improved tremendously--bloating gone! And the best part is I get to drink chocolate every morning!! I'm looking forward to more improvements over time.
Mary W.
After using Y- Power I noticed some remarkable differences in my performance at the gym such as longer cardio ability ,endurance in weightlifting. faster recovery from inflammation in muscles . It also played a big part of recovery in a season of bronchitis I had a year ago. Since using this product my sleep has been more sound leaving me more energized in the morning, also I noticed better toxin removal and regular bathroom visits. lol
Ricardo V Chevy Chase Md

After taking Y-Power for about 2 and half weeks I noticed some considerable changes. I suffer from symptoms of CPTSD, and have been doing a lot of healing around this. After taking Y Power for a short time my mind was kind of blown. After suffering for over a year from a trauma which left me struggling to connect with life I felt a powerful shift in my anxiety

levels. I could more easily connect with my experience of reality with a heightened level of experience without the jitters, and felt the potential of my mind in a kind of re-integration mode. It was as though something had cleared from a fog that seemed to cover my brain, and the pieces that had been shattered and left an equal block in my ability to sensate life had lifted. I noticed first that my cognitive function improved quite a bit, as well as memory recall. I could perform more in the span of a day, and complete tasks that formerly seemed daunting . I would even say my overall confidence improved because of this, and a general sense of uplift in my entire being. One of the best parts of taking the Y-Power was the effect it had on my voice, which I might attribute to the general improvement in my being that I have mentioned, but wanted to make sure to mention it directly since it was so profound. I have been studying singing, and work with singers to help them connect with the power within their voice, and have never come across a supplement that seemed to actually improve the voice. I noticed an immediate shift in my singing and ability to speak with gravity and articulate words clearly. My ability to project and anchor the tonal quality of my voice with an ease in breath support seemed to flow like butter as I started to take the Y-Power, and I’m excited to use this product as a must have body support for myself and my clients.

Megwyn White

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